Typeone Magazine Is a Graphic Designers

In addition to being a beautifully designed print publication, TYPEONE Magazine is full of important information about the evolving interaction between typography and graphic design. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

Oh, what a time to be a Designer. While the 2020s have certainly been a tumultuous decade, global events have accelerated existing business, technological and cultural trends in a way that has put strong demands on design skills as brands around the world strive to adapt, develop and survive.

Designers around the world can thrive in this new- new normal-as long as they remain relevant. But it can be difficult to keep up with the recent trends and keep up with everything that is happening. The font is one of those areas where it is particularly important to stay one step ahead, as it is now evolving rapidly thanks to the explosion of font design tools.

It is natural to turn to the Internet to keep up to date. And there are many blogs and online magazines, including Creative Boom, that can help you. But we are the first to admit that they will only go so far.

The pleasures of the body

Why? First, despite the digital age, writing is still largely a body medium. From books and newspapers to posters, billboards and signs, typographic designs must work in the same way in the analog world on screens. And that means studying how the type works in a body environment.

TYPEONE Magazine, a brilliant magazine that covers all things writing, of course ticks that box. but that’s not all. It also saves you from scouring the web for type-related news, stories, concepts and new work, while not found half of it. Instead, all the new trends and developments that you need to know are organized by experts and presented in an easily accessible magazine.

The particularity of TYPEONE

TYPEONE stands out among typography publications because it does not focus only on technical topics, but rather uses writing as a bridge to open fascinating conversations about business, social issues, culture and design.

Ultimately, typography does not exist in a vacuum, but is only one element of a dynamic and constantly changing design landscape. Because it recognizes this fact and adheres to it, TYPEONE is not only a must-have for font foundries and font designers, but for graphic designers of all stripes. It explores Technology, Innovation, Design and culture around the world and constitutes a critical lens for the intersections of global and industrial issues in the context of type and Design.

Each issue has been designed by Studio Ground Floor and beautifully printed by Pressison Creative Print & Finishers on Paper (from issue 05) by GF Smith and Foilco sheet finisher. And each includes top-notch features written by leading designers and industry experts that will help you develop your skills, advance your career and inspire your side projects.

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