Stunning Bcnmcr Book Celebrates the Creative Connections

The third and final BCNMCR-a design event that brings together the best creative talents from Barcelona and Manchester-is just around the corner. And to whet your appetite, organizer Dave Sedgwick gave us a peek at the conference’s companion book.

Opened at 18h at Unitom in Manchester, April is a unique event where attendees can sunbathe in some of the best graphic designs from Barcelona and Manchester and listen to lectures by speakers such as Lo Siento, Javier Jaén, Ingrid Picanyol, Pràctica and Cabeze Patata.

We caught up with organiser Dave Sedgwick earlier this year to find out why he decided to bring back the popular design event one last time, and now the big day is almost here. If you can’t wait or visit in person, don’t be afraid, because Dave kindly took a look at THE bcnmcr holiday book he was working on.

Described by Dave as a snapshot of design in Barcelona today, the book BCNMCR is a unique look at the creative output of the city. “It’s a collection of 60 works by 60 Barcelona-based or born creatives,” he tells Creative Boom.

“The majority of the work in the book is completely exclusive to this project and either represents a link between Barcelona and Manchester or corresponds to the slightly abstract briefing about what the next ten years could bring in terms of design.”

Interestingly, the book was not always on the cards. In fact, it was confirmed by the unfortunate news that a planned exhibition was to be canceled at the last minute. “I had already contacted several creative people from Barcelona and they were all really interested in being part of the event,” says Dave. “When the plans fell into the water, a book seemed like a great way to add a legacy to the bcnmcr event.

“I decided to receive as many submissions as possible and spent days and weeks contacting designers, illustrators and creatives in Barcelona to participate. I was so grateful that you all responded, and some of the work is mind-blowing, and many go beyond your submissions.”

This theme of dynamism and optimism runs through the entire book. Instead of making BCNMCR disappear, this book guarantees that it will come out in a blaze of glory with a view to the future. “I decided to take the opportunity not only to look back on the last ten years, but also to look into the future,” Dave adds.

“So I asked the simple question: ” What do you think the next ten years will bring to you or your studio? ” and the answers are all contained in the pages of the book. It’s a really interesting insight into people’s concerns or plans for the future.

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