Semi Permanent Studio Designed the Visual Identity

We like the visual identity of the next Semi-permanent event, Future State 2023. but how was this done? Read on to discover the main design elements and their interaction.

A big tech event will take place next month, where global talents will gather in Auckland, New Zealand, to talk about Technology, AI and the future of Digital Transformation. Presented by Spark Lab and Semi Permanent, Future State 2023 is a main event that explores the driving forces of the next era of technological Innovation.

But for us, Design Nerds, the visual identity created for this is just as interesting as the event itself. The creatives behind it, at Semi Permanent Studio, were kind enough to share with us the design style guide behind it, and it made for fascinating reading.

In this article, we will share some of the most important design elements behind the visual identity, the thinking behind it and some examples of the branding that works in nature.

Brand idea

When you organize a conference on the future of Technology, you must have a strong Vision behind it. And, rightly so, the visual identity of Future State 2023 is based on a clear and well explained brand idea.

“At the heart of our brand is the only judgment: The future is not a goal, it is a state,” explains design director Mike Souvanthalisith. “We believe that the world of tomorrow is already here and that the answers to the biggest questions in the industry are right before our eyes. This bold brand idea shapes our name, why we exist, how we speak and every decision we make.”


The event requires a Logo that appeals to the idea of futurism, avoids design clich├ęs around the subject and remains clear and readable. We think the semi-permanent Studio has done a great job. Inspired by the perforated tape used to talk to computers in ancient times, the main word is built on a grid system of dots with a personalized font. It is simple, adapts well and recalls future innovations in an original but instantly recognizable way.


The color palette brings the brand to life, symbolizing the spirit of Innovation and sophistication. It is a bright and modern feeling that evokes a positive and optimistic energy.


A set of three fonts helps the brand communicate its voice in a coherent and effective way. First, a custom font called Future State was created on a dot grid matrix. Inspired by the perforated computer tape, it is a display font in uppercase without lowercase letters.
Secondly, comes Whyte Inktrap: a refined and robust grotesque font that stands out for its Ink Traps. The curved details and chiseled ends reflect the shapes of the Future State font, connecting the two when used together. Finally, Aeonik Mono is a fixed-spaced font, always used in capital letters, which conveys order, clarity and sophistication.

Arrow icon

To help shape the visual language of Future State, the Studio has developed a range of graphics as well as systems that allow designers to create different assets for the brand. The arrow symbol represents upward development and reflects the avant-garde dynamics of the brand.

Circle pattern

The geometry of the circular pattern drawn from the holes in a perforated computer tape is fundamental to the visual language of the brand, shaping everything from graphics to typography. It is used as a secondary element to strengthen the Design and give graphic details to the compositions.

Tape device

The tape recorder is a nod to both the printed computer tape and the digital LED cards of the stock markets. This device gives the designs a feeling of movement and allows the repetition of the content on the screen, creating moments of narration.


To give the brand more diversity in the graphic elements, a series of pictograms takes up the themes and themes of the speakers of Future State. Each is built on a strict grid system and is designed to give the audience an overview of what is being discussed in the lectures.

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