Nordstrom Rack Unveils New Identity from Jkr

Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) is behind the new brand identity of the American department store chain Nordstrom Rack, developing a brand strategy and system that celebrates the “trust and dexterity” of customers.

Founded in 1973, Nordstrom Rack is a sister brand of the luxury department store chain Nordstrom, which sells low-cost products in 41 US states and three Canadian provinces.

JKR was involved in working with the company to help Nordstrom Rack stand out in a “competitive and noisy” discount retail market with a new brand identity that would help attract new customers and better connect with existing customers.

“When we worked with Nordstrom Rack, it immediately became clear that their customers are bold, confident and savvy, and that we had the opportunity to embody this spirit and the unique offer of the brand through their visual identity and brand experience,” says Lisa Smith, executive creative director of JKR. “We created this identity system to differentiate ourselves from Rack, respond to all points of contact and, ultimately, interact with the Rack customer wherever they interact with the brand.”

The new Logo is inspired by Nordstrom Rack’s past, is inspired by the Logo used in the 1970s and 80s and reinterprets it in a modernized form. The entire branding system has been designed with flexibility and digital responsiveness in mind, including the logo designed in a modular grid to be responsive for all sizes and platforms. This ensures that the brand remains consistent across digital and body experiences and wherever a customer interacts with the brand.

The old medium color palette has been refreshed and expanded to become “more vibrant and exciting,” says JKR. The old Nordstrom Rack Blue was used as a starting point for the new set of several “Signature Blues” to add more visual diversity to the brand. Revised secondary and tertiary palettes have been introduced to mark seasonal changes and highlight sales and promotions.

JKR worked on a distinctive and bold tone for Nordstrom Rack, suitable for a variety of brand messages that demonstrate its personality and easily communicate practical information such as prices and sales.

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