Dixonbaxi New Identity for Streaming Platform

10onbaxi has teamed up with Warner Bros. Discovery for creating the brand identity of the max streaming service. The rebranding is intended to usher in a new era for the company’s digital ambitions and help the platform appeal to a wider audience.

10onbaxi collaborated with Warner Bros. Discovery has been working with the company’s marketing, product and brand teams for a year to create a “unique” identity for the enjoyment destination.

“Max is not just another enjoyment brand; it’s a strategic partnership with some of the biggest names in the enjoyment industry, including HBO, Warner Bros., Discovery, DC and Wizarding World,” says DixonBaxi.

“Together, these global supermarkets offer a diverse and critically acclaimed selection of stories and characters that capture the imagination of audiences around the world… From the follow-up drama to the dark appeal of Batman, from the captivating intensity of the Last of Us to the magic of Harry Potter, Max brings together an awesome array of content that appeals to every moment, every feeling, every you.”

The new Max logo seems to pay homage to the roots of the brand by combining HBO’s bullseye symbol with the curves of Warner Bros. The Max mark is intended to be both modern and timeless, while emphasizing its centennial enjoyment history.

The use of lowercase letters is intended to convey” warmth and accessibility “in addition to the” presence and confidence “of the logo, says DixonBaxi. The agency adds that each character in the typography has been “carefully designed for unity”.

The new, customized font conveys more of Max’s “fearless attitude and outsider” and at the same time gives him a distinct visual voice. The Max Sans font was developed in collaboration with the F37 font foundry and used pure geometric shapes and “elegant curves” that refer to the curves of the Max logo. The font was created in a number of different WEIGHTS, which allows it to have more clout if necessary, adapt to different genres and switch from “premium and cinematic to strong and expressive,” says DixonBaxi. It also offers extensive language support to make the brand accessible on different screens and to different audiences.

As a central part of the brand identity, the logo had to be instantly recognizable in a variety of sizes and applications, from huge billboards to tiny app icons. It was “designed to make a lasting impression,” continues DixonBaxi. “This signature is a clear indication of the brand’s purpose and commitment to extraordinary storytelling.”

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