Designs for the Future of Greener Energy

The Layer experience design agency created the brand image and visual identity of the American Hydrogen Startup Croft, taking into account the Logo, the wordmark, the tone of voice, the packaging, etc.

The London-based agency also led Croft’s industrial design and engineering, which is “dedicated to creating a plan for a sustainable, scalable and green hydrogen economy that offers a Vision of a new energy future”. The system itself uses Nanocartuses that allow modernized vehicles to run on hydrogen, a Nanoplane to charge the Nanocartuses and a tube module to charge on board.

Layer designed a trademark for Croft in the form of an abstract “H”. According to the agency, it is “an emblematic symbol of the future of hydrogen”. Layer continues: “the naturally elongated verticals and the narrow “Waist” suggest a road that disappears in the distance, serving as a metaphor for the journeys that Croft allows users”.

The brand was conceived as a versatile asset that can take several forms and be used in different ways: a graphic element printed in Croft products as a quality certificate, a micro-pattern to create texture and a call to action for interaction points.

Layer designed the brand to reflect the products in the fact that they were “carefully designed to visually feel as orderly and pragmatic as possible,” they say. Therefore, the shapes of the letters are large and “architectural” to help you “maintain a presence at different scales”, from letterheads and packaging for small items to shipping containers.

The pragmatic and utilitarian character of the brand is also reflected in the color palette, composed mainly of black and gray gradients, with secondary accents of sage, bright yellow and electric blue.

“Working with Croft has allowed us to flexibilize our design, engineering and branding teams to create a holistic system that has the potential to fundamentally improve the way people travel and consume energy,” says Benjamin Hubert, founder of Layer.

“Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common, but they have disadvantages, especially when traveling long distances on a single charge. The Croft system offers a solution to these challenges with a ready-to-use product that allows users to go on an epic journey with a clear conscience.”

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