Data Bars to Refresh Startups Platform Harmonic

Brooklyn-based graphic design and creative technology studio Fay has an impressive list of clients, including MIT and Yale, who benefited him during the rebranding of the Harmonic startup platform.

Harmonic is a platform that connects startups to the capital and resources they need to grow. He counts teams from Bloomberg, the Workspace Notion application, the Brex financial platform and the a16z venture capital firm among those with whom he has already worked. Harmonic software indexes information about startups and acts as a database for venture capitalists, partners, investors and influential companies.

These platform users receive instant notifications when target companies reach important industry milestones, such as a funding round or the appointment of a chief technology officer. It also offers tools such as a Chrome extension that quickly reveals a company’s financing history, team growth, etc. Ultimately, Harmonic aims to “make the information around the startup universe more transparent and fairer”.

Fay was hired by Harmonic last year to help the platform move into a new phase of growth and create a new identity that reflects the site’s accuracy in finding startups.

Working on Harmonic’s strategy and positioning, identity, website design, social media, messaging and other collateral, the Studio created a complete branding system that aimed to “guide the platform to a new phase of growth beyond venture capital,” says Fay.

The new brand image reflects Harmonic’s functionalities and “constantly evolving and updated data sets”. it is based on precision, dynamics and a bold visual language that works seamlessly in static and motion applications.

The new harmonic symbol is formed by three 3D data bars, which represent the three main distinguishing features of the company’s product. The way the sides of these bar pages touch each other refers to Harmonic’s interconnected datasets.

Fay has chosen Beausite Classic by Digital Type Foundry Fatype as the main typeface of the brand. A neo-grotesque geometric font, says Fay, it looked like “a perfect match for the startup sector”.

The new bright colors of the neon brand were used to demonstrate harmonic’s “assertive way” in the world of technology. The harmonious redesign of the website and the animated graphics are designed to embody the “flexibility and depth” of the product, says Fay.

These often use “hacked and bolted 3D data bars” that draw from the harmonic symbol and appearance. The Studio continues: “in a market fueled by numbers/data in flux, 3D data bars are designed to extend to a 3D computer graphics system.”

Overall, these brand elements form a “multidimensional” imagery that focuses on a symbol that acts as an “anchor for messages,” as Fay puts it. The graphic pattern also acts as a layout strategy for a harmonious content on all points of contact.

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